Ihr Produzent für Marketingstrategien

"Der Wettbewerb der Zukunft wird nicht mehr über den Preis sondern über die Kreativität ausgetragen"

   Ihr Produzent für Internet-Marketing

"Wer die Zukunft gewinnen will, muss ihre Möglichkeiten in der Gegenwart nutzen"

   Ihr Produzent für Videoproduktionen

"Nicht der Markt bestimmt den Preis sondern die Sehnsucht des Kunden, das besondere zu besitzen"

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In 2014 Mtv and AMM founded a cooperation for developing, marketing and licencing existing and new TV-formats. Thereby the makers combined their production- and marketing literacy and experience, as well as extensive worldwide contacts in the Media. So, worldwide media partners, TV-stations and media-companies, will get experienced partners for TV-productions and for licencing attractive TV-formate. 

Andi 1 Andrea Thoma

Multivision.tv /TV-Production-Company 

Mtv is in the TV-market since more than 30 years. Andrea Thoma and Bernd Heinz had been longtime exclusive producers of the startenor José Carreras. They created more than 50 TV-productions - documentaries, concerts and big Tv-events, like the EXPO 2000 in hHannover, an outstanding format in ARD/Germany. In the production- and licence-porfolio of Mtv belongs also the CARRERAS COLLECTION, produced between 1988 and 2013. 10 productions with José Carreras and other classic-stars with more than 1.000 TV-minutes. Beside this, they developed media concepts for the industry, for private and public institutions – like the Europarat in Straßburg – expended the international artist management for the media and always worked with their own TV-licences.

Portrait Gerhard Schwenk Gerhard Schwenk

AMM - 25 years in Mediabusiness

Since the start of the commercial television in Germany, Gerhard Schwenk and his agency AMM provides consulting and development of strategies and positioning for TV, radio and newspaper-companies. In the media business AMM established – subscribers clubs, one of the first private radio-stations in Eastern Germany, and also projects of the New Economy. A main focus of Gerhard Schwenk is „bringing-together“. So he combined all private TV-channels in Germany for marketing high quality television-productions. A milestone in the career. In the last two years, the company – together with the partner Mtv – developed own new TV-formats and also produced new productions for the international TV-market.


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